Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Sponsor a Homeless Pet!

While PAWS Lee County is primarily a nonprofit, affordable spay/neuter clinic, we often have pets brought to us that have become homeless. This happens for a variety of reasons: owners pass away, become homeless themselves, are forced by circumstances to move to a new residence that doesn't allow pets, veterinary bills the owner can't afford, the list goes on. These pets are placed in our foster home network, but sometimes our foster homes are filled to capacity. Several boarding facilities in Lee County have offered PAWS a discounted rate on boarding these pets who are in need of homes, for the time that PAWS is looking for a permanent new home for these pets.

Even with the generous discount provided to PAWS, the cost of boarding and caring for these pets adds up. If you're interested in helping, but aren't in the position to bring a new pet into your home, you can help out by sponsoring a pet!

Your sponsorship will go toward helping to cover the cost of feeding and boarding a PAWS Pet in need. Please select your sponsorship amount below:

Sponsor a PAWS Foster Pet

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